Parking Rates


City Center

10 South 7th St, Minneapolis, MN 55402

33 South 6th Street & City Center, includes a 50-story office building, retail mall, and the Minneapolis Marriott at City Center. Both Heated Indoor Parking and Above Ground Upper Ramp Parking are available at this location.

Special Rates

Monthly Parking $226.00 to $330.00 per month  Reserve
Rooftop Monthly Special $190.00 per month  Reserve


Daily Rates*

0 – 20 minutes $9.00
21 – 40 minutes $12.00
41 – 60 minutes $15.00
each add’l 20 minutes $2.00
Daily Maximum (non-event) $23.00
Note: Daily Parking is only available in the Upper Ramp. Please use entrance off 7th St for Daily Hourly Rate Parking (and exits onto 6th St.).  

Special Rates

Enter After 4 pm $6.00
Weekends $6.00
Event Rate $10.00 – $35.00
Early Bird Rate Must arrive between 5AM-8:30AM & exit between 1PM-Midnight $12.00

Monthly Parking (Click to Reserve Now)

Business Hours (6am-6pm) $226.00
Above Ground 24/7 (Upper Ramp) $256.00
Rooftop Special $190.00
Underground Heated $330.00
Note: The Underground Heated Parking entrance is available off both 6th St. and 7th St. The Transient and Monthly Upper Ramp entrance is located on 7th St. and exits onto 6th St.